Realty One America, LLC (R1) is the premier 100% commission brokerage in the nation, offering cutting edge technology, comprehensive training, and full service support all at the lowest cost for Real Estate Professionals…just $99 per month! Based in Florida, R1’s management team has a combined more than 100 years of real estate sales and marketing experience and has managed thousands of successful Real Estate Professionals and has closed tens of thousands of transactions for countless, satisfied customers. R1’s a la carte pricing structure allows Real Estate Professionals to select and pay for only what they need from their brokerage. As Independent Contractors, having full control over your own business and your own success is critical in the competitive real estate industry today. Isn’t it time that you kept 100% of your commission from each transaction and only paid for the support and tools that you needed from your brokerage?

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$99 Unlimited Plan

With some of the lowest fee’s in the nation, Realty One America, LLC (R1) offers Real Estate Professionals access to tremendous resources including technology, training and full-service support. Our Real Estate Professionals can close or lease as many transactions as they wish, all for a recurring, low monthly fee of $99 plus an additional $99 per transaction, regardless of size. Imagine closing just one single sales transaction for $250,000, generating a 3% selling side commission of $7,500 and you get to keep $7,302 after just $198 in total expenses to R1 ($99 monthly fee + $99 per transaction). KEEP MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET! If you were to close 3 sales transactions in a single month, then all you would pay is $99 (monthly fee) + 3 X $99 (per transaction) = $396! Stop giving your brokerage 20%, 30%, 40% or even 50% of YOUR MONEY! You’re the one that is working hard, and you are the one that is producing the business so you should reap the rewards of your own production! For the months where your business is slower, your only cost is $99 to enjoy all of R1’s countless benefits. For the months where your business is booming, you will keep 100% of your commissions and trim all of the expensive commission splits (we call it “the fat”) from your transactions. Your business means your money and at R1, you keep ALL of it!

We accept all major credit cards and ACH Direct Debit for your recurring $99 monthly fee and your $99 per transaction fee (each sale side and/or rental side), so it’s kept incredibly simple for your convenience. We even allow you to GET PAID AT CLOSING if you use our in-house, attorney-owned title partner (affiliated business). Imagine keeping 100% of your commissions and receiving them right at the closing table! That’s how the real estate business should be done in the new millennium!

Please select either of the 100% Commission Plans below (all paid by Credit Card or ACH Direct Debit from your Checking Account):

Monthly Plan (NO long term commitment)

  • $99 paid Monthly (1st of each month)
  • $199 Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance paid once per year – the day you get hired and again at the beginning of each subsequent year on your anniversary date of hire
  • $99 paid PER Closing or Leasing Side of each Transaction
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Annual Plan (1-year commitment and SAVE BIG!)

  • $1188 (12 months X $99) paid once per year – the day you get hired and again at the beginning of each subsequent year on your anniversary date of hire
  • $0 (FREE) Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance (By selecting the Annual Plan, your E&O Insurance is FREE! This is a $199 SAVINGS for you!)
  • $99 paid PER Closing or Leasing Side of each Transaction
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**RECRUITING BONUSES!** (In addition to selecting either the “Monthly Plan” or “Annual Plan” above)

  • If you refer another Real Estate Professional to R1 and they join our firm, we’ll give you 1 month of free services ($99 value) in the form of a credit towards your next statement (billing) with R1.
  • If you refer a total of four (4) Real Estate professionals to R1 in a 12-month period of time, and they all join our firm, in addition to the BONUS above ($99 credit per referral), we’ll ALSO give you FREE E&O Insurance for a year ($199 value) in the form of a credit towards your next statement (billing) with R1.
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Technology & Benefits

Realty One America, LLC (R1) features powerful forms and document management in a paperless work environment. Sure you can use all the paper that you and your customers wish; however, imagine how efficient and productive you can be with powerful and convenient paperless transaction management software. All of our Real Estate Professionals have access to Transaction Desk® and FormSimplicity®!

As a Real Estate Professional with R1 you have FREE access to these valuable technology services:

  • Unlimited Managerial and Brokerage support via email
  • Company email address
  • Being featured on the PUBLIC R1 website
  • Access to company forms & transaction management using Transaction Desk® and FormSimplicity®
  • E-signing of all documents (so your customers can sign from their / your Wi-Fi / 3G / 4G enabled devices, without ever printing paper)
  • Online training
  • Online compliance and document review by our experienced Compliance Department
  • Payroll direct deposit through ADP (or get PAID AT CLOSING using our affiliated business Title partner)
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R1’s additional a la carte technology services, available on a paid basis, where you only pay for what you need:

  • Your own, professionally designed and maintained website
  •, the most comprehensive, user-friendly and cutting-edge transaction management and file storage software ever created for the real estate industry
  • Telephone coaching & training by our professional education department
  • Limited packages & Unlimited package available of Managerial and Brokerage support via Telephone
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DBPR / FREC Compliance

Realty One America, LLC (R1) is a licensed real estate brokerage business in Florida and is governed by the regulations as set forth by Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) and the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC). Additionally, R1 is a Member brokerage of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), Florida REALTORS® (FR) and several local REALTOR® Associations throughout the State, along with many more to come.


You’ve worked hard to earn your Real Estate License, and R1 has developed a comprehensive and structured Compliance Department to help you keep and maintain your license and to stay on the RIGHT SIDE OF THE LAW! Our Compliance Department will review every single document you produce throughout the course of each transaction to be sure that the documentation is completed properly and that all of the necessary signatures, initials and disclosures are achieved and cataloged to ensure the safeguard of your license and your real estate career. Our Compliance Team has more than 50 years of Florida real estate experience and will use their expertise to analyze each file that you produce to help protect yourself and your customers.

All transaction files are stored electronically as PDFs, giving our Compliance Team access to your files from absolutely anywhere, so we can not only review their accuracy and completeness, we can also assist you, when needed, when you are in the middle of a transaction and need guidance when working with a customer. Saving time and maximizing technological efficiency helps to save you money and ensures that you’ll get more deals done!

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Training & Education

Realty One America, LLC (R1) has an extensive training and education department to help you further your real estate career and to achieve a higher level of success than you ever thought possible. With DBPR State Licensed Instructors on staff and more than 100 years of combined real estate training expertise, our Trainers and Educators are eager to help you achieve your goals while surpassing your expectations. As an R1 Real Estate Professional, you will receive regular training and education emails delivered to your inbox. Our helpful educational material, delivered timely and efficiently through electronic means, will help you to stay ahead of the curve and your competition. For more structured training, R1 offers live, in-class training with our instructors on a regular basis, at various intervals and in a convenient location. R1’s diverse course curriculum helps cover nearly all aspects of your real estate career. There is a nominal cost for the live, in-class training, depending on the topic, location and Instructor.

Additionally, R1 works closely with many Local Boards of REALTORS®, who provide extensive training and educational workshops as a Member benefit for our Real Estate Professionals to enjoy. We urge you strongly to request a copy of the valuable training provided by your Board of REALTORS®.

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Title Insurance & Closings

Realty One America, LLC (R1) is run in part by Gregory S. Gefen, Esq., one of the most accomplished, well-known and professional Real Estate Attorneys in Florida. Mr. Gefen has practiced real estate law, at an extremely high level, for more than 20-years and is recognized throughout the industry and community as one of the most respected leaders in his trade. Honored by countless organizations for his wisdom, knowledge, ethics, professionalism and diligence, Mr. Gefen adds great value to the R1 brand. As R1’s exclusive Closing and Title affiliate, R1 Real Estate Professionals enjoy immediate commission disbursements at the time of closing, directly from the closing table, when Mr. Gefen is selected as the Closing Agent by the customers involved in the transaction.

In addition to providing excellent and professional service, Mr. Gefen’s closing fees are competitive, and his responsiveness to Real Estate Professionals and their customers is extraordinary. A team of two attorneys and nine paralegals helps to ensure that the closing and title services provided by Gregory S. Gefen, PA are always handled with care, as each customer is made to feel like a top priority. Their staff is fluent in English, Spanish and French, so transactions with foreigners are equally convenient. As a BAR-certified attorney, customers have peace of mind knowing that there is a highly competent attorney handling the Closing and Title aspects of their transaction. With an attorney by your side, R1 Real Estate Professionals have access to legal resources that may otherwise be cost prohibitive and perhaps even unattainable.

Mr. Gefen has a premier relationship with Bank of America® (BofA), and as such, BofA maintains his law firm’s escrow account so that R1’s Real Estate Professionals can conveniently and responsibly rely on the escrow account of an attorney, rather than a real estate brokerage. Mr. Gefen is the recommended Escrow Agent for all R1 transactions, and with hundreds of local branches throughout Florida, BofA is the logical choice for maximum convenience and integrity.

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Mortgage Lending

Realty One America, LLC (R1) has an affiliated business arrangement with Finance of America, who is one of the most respected and competitive mortgage lenders in Florida. With core values focused on customer service, workflow efficiency, professionalism, responsible lending and a wide selection of loan products, Finance of America, is the obvious choice for R1. With talented Loan Officers throughout the State, Finance of America, has the staff, products and technology to help make the mortgage process as painless and as convenient as possible.

Be sure to contact a skilled Loan Officer from Finance of America, to discuss the comprehensive loan products that they have available from Fixed Rates to ARMs and for Primary and Secondary Homeowners and Investors. With impressive LTVs and reasonable underwriting guidelines, Finance of America, is able to help your buyers achieve their desired financing results with ease.

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Insurance Products

Realty One America, LLC (R1) has an affiliated business arrangement with Century Risk Advisors, a premier insurance agency that offers a full suite of insurance products. Century Risk Advisors’ team of Licensed Insurance Agents has an impressive professional background and extensive industry experience. With products such as Homeowner’s Insurance and Condominium policies all the way through automobile and medical insurance. Century Risk Advisors offers solutions to all of your and your customers’ insurance needs.

With more than 100 years of combined insurance experience, Century Risk Advisors works with a diverse portfolio of insurance carriers and provides a superior level of customer service. Century Risk Advisors can create a customized insurance solution for even the most discriminating of customers.

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